About Us

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So Who Are We Exactly?

PosterPouch is dedicated to everybody.
No matter how big or small, no matter where or why, what, how or when? PosterPouch will be dedicated to always bringing you an easy and cost effective product that aims at making life that much easier and neater.
Why PosterPouch

Why PosterPouch

PosterPouch looks forward to getting to know you for many years to come. It looks forward to being there in the hospital when the little bundle of joy arrives. PosterPouch looks forward to showing off the ABC’s, paintings at school, a picture of the first kiss, displaying waterpolo practice times, University entrance results, and being there for Graduation.

It looks forward to showing off your new house, the braai special at your favourite shop, the emergency escape plan in case there is a fire and more importantly the Wedding dress in the window and how much your dad needs to pay for it.

PosterPouch looks forward to letting your customers know what’s going on, and helping where it can in your business. You’re the smart one in your business, so show it smartly.
PosterPouch Recycling

Our Footprint

PosterPouch vows to always deliver a well finished product that is to standard. At the same time PosterPouch is committed to a supply chain that is pro re-cycling and maintains relationships with companies that reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible. PosterPouch welcomes any Green Plastic innovations out there and will strive to reduce the impact that plastic has on our planet.